Thermal Binocular

The Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Binocular is used for day and night reconnaissance and target location.

TB675 Handheld Thermal Binocular

The Thermal Binocular was designed for discovering the target under camouflage in the environment weather like smoke, fog, rain, snow, etc... It can be used in patrol, law enforcement, search and rescue, anti-drug and anti-smuggling, etc... 75mm lens and 640X512 resolution IR sensor, it can detect longer ditance and identify more targets.


1. Detection (Human): 2000m; Identification: 900m; 

2. 75 mm lens, 50 HZ;

3. Long distance;

4. Sensor resolution 640x512, OLED Display 1024x768; 

5. Recording;      



6.  14 kinds of thermal colors are designed for different surveillance purpose.


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