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Grand Panaramic view Night Vision PS18 G4

Four independent tubes working with for independent lens. The two lens in the center works in the traditional way, whose direction is straightly forward to detect the target in distance. The other two tubes at the right or left side are designed for widening the field. The image from the right two tubes and the left two tubes can fuse to form a 120 degree view, which is a revolutionary development. The right two tubes and the left two tubes has its own independent imaging system and can be attached on a helmet mount similar with the ANVIS for free adjustment. It can also work as the handheld night vision whose interpupillary distance can be adjusted.

1. Structure and buttons

2. Specification:



Structural mode

helmeted turnover four-eyed NVG

Battery type

Lithium battery (cr123Ax1) / cr123Ax4 external battery pack

Power supply



Head mounted(standard American helmet interface)

Control mode


Power dissipation


Battery capacity


Battery life





120x50 +/-2 °; Horizontal 120+/-2 ° ; Vertical 50 +/-2 °




gen2+ / gen 3



Lens system

F1.18 22.5mm



Optical distortion

3% Max

Relative Illumination



Multilayer broadband coating

Focus range


Focus mode

Manual focus facility

Distance of pupil





-3~+2 degree

IPD adjust type

Arbitrary continuously adjustable

IPD adjust range


IPD lock type

Manual lock


850nm 20mW

Working temperature range


Humidity range







880G(without battery)

Dioptre adjustment

+2~-3 degeree

3. Operations

A.Battery installation:

As shown by①,  There is polarity mark (+,-) on the battery compartment. Please note the polarity when installing the battery. 

B.Power on:

As shown by②, rotate the switch clock wise to “On”, the PS18G4 is powered on. Then rotate it to go through “OFF/ON/IR/AUTO”

C.Eye distance adjustment:

As shown by ③, aim the left eye to 

left objective to make 

the image to be a circle.

Close left eye and aim by right eye to  check. Different users 

can adjust according to own


D.Dioptre adjustment:

Select a target in medium light, As shown ④,without open the eyepiece cover,clock wise or anti-clockwise rotate the eyepiece wheel to adjust the  dioptre. When the clear image is observed. 

E.Objective adjustment:

This operation is to see clearly the target in different distance. Eyepiece should be adjusted before objective adjustment. As shown by⑤,choose a target in a darker condition, open the objective cover, aim the target, clockwise or anti clockwise the objective wheel until the clear image is seen. For target in different distance, each adjustment is needed. 

F.IR mode:

In the low light( or total dark),clear image cannot be seen, as shown by ②, enter “IR” mode, the PS18G4 can work under total dark condition. Please note the IR can be detected by similar device, by which the user is exposed. 


 IN the “ Auto” mode, the light sensor is initiated to detect the condition light: when in total dark condition, the night vision will switch on the IR illuminator; when the condition light is enough, the night vision will switch off the IR illuminator. 


1.Bright light off

The PS18 G4 is designed with an automatically  bright light off function, which will automatically protect itself when encountering bright light; Although the bright light protection function can maximally ensure that the product will not be damaged when exposed to bright light, repeated bright light irradiation will also accumulate damage, so please do not put the product in the bright light environment for a long time or many times to avoid permanent damage to the product.

2. Damp proof

This night vision product is designed with waterproof function, and its waterproof ability can reach IP67 , but the long-term humid environment will also slowly erode the product and cause damage to the product, so please store the product in a dry environment.

3. Use and preservation

This product is a high-precision photoelectric product. Please operate ii strictly in the guide of the instructions. When not in use for a long time, please take out the battery and store it in a dry, ventilated and cool environment, and pay attention to shading, dust prevention and impact prevention.

Please do not disassemble or repair the product without authorization during use or damage caused by improper use!! Please contact the manufacturer directly.

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