Night Vision

GPNVG18C Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle

The new four-eye night vision device is the ideal night combat equipment for the military and law enforcement departments of various countries.

The new four-eye night vision device is the ideal night combat equipment for the military and law enforcement departments of various countries

 CoBTec innovatively developed the panoramic night vision device PS18G4 with panoramic night vision observation capability, which aims to provide users with a wider field of vision in the night vision environment.  The most notable feature of PS18G4 is that there are four independent image intensifier tubes, and four independent objective lenses are arranged in a panoramic direction.  The two lenses in the middle point forward like traditional binocular night vision, giving users the perception of normal vision.  While the other two lenses point slightly outward from the center for increased side field of view.  The two tubes on the right and the two tubes on the left perform image stitching and fusion at the eyepiece.  The user sees the two central images overlapping the two outer images, resulting in an unprecedented 120° field of view.  This is an absolute game changer for night vision gear.  Two imaging systems on the left and right are installed side by side on the support frame, and suspended on a hanger similar to the ANVIS night vision helmet.  In addition, the night vision device can be easily detached from the stand as a stand-alone handheld night vision observation device.


The night vision device has a complete observation effect adjustment system.  There are handwheel systems at both ends of the assembly of the support frame to adjust the eye spacing of the left and right vision systems.  Each objective lens has a separate object focus adjustment handwheel to ensure that the objective lens image is in good focus.  In the four-eye panoramic night vision system, since the left and right eyepieces are respectively spliced by two-way imaging systems, the movement of the lens when the eyepiece diopter is adjusted will cause the eyepieces to interfere with each other, so the traditional four-eye system does not have a diopter adjustment system (the American four-eye  Panoramic night vision does not solve this problem), but can only be dealt with by changing the vision film, which not only needs to be equipped with a large number of vision film accessories, but also brings great inconvenience to operation and use.  CoBTec's innovative design perfectly solves the problem of adjusting the eyepiece diopter of the four-eye panoramic night vision system. It is very convenient to realize the continuous adjustment of the diopter on the host, which greatly reduces the complexity of system configuration and brings great benefits to the operation.  An extremely convenient user experience.



120x50 +/-2 °




Head-worn and flipped

Power supply

CR123x1 Lithium battery/CR123x4 battery case




USA standard helmet interface

Control method


Power consumption


Battery capacity


Battery life


Optical magnification


Optical axis parallelism


Brightness gain


Optical aperture

F1.18  22.5mm



Optical distortion

3% Max

Relative illuminance


Optical coating

Ultra-broadband multilayer optical anti-reflection coating

Focus range


Focusing method


Exit pupil distance


Exit pupil diameter


Vision range


Mesh spacing adjustment method

Continuous adjustable

Eye distance adjustment range


Eye pitch locking method

Manual lock

Auxiliary light source

850nm 20mW

Working temperature


Working humidity








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