Thermographic imager

DLF800IRC Thermographic IR Camera

Designed to be in 4 modes: thermal, fusion, visible light, picture in picture. By thermal mode, the people behind the fog can be searched and rescued; By Fusion, more details or relative location of the human behind the fire can be shown; the picture taken under the visible light will more easily capture these exit, fire hydrants in fire disaster and other objects which the thermal cannot detect; By picture in picture, more information can be shown at the same time for quick judgement and decision in rescue.



1. 4 modes: thermal, fusion, visible light, picture in picture;

2. In thermal mode, there are 21 kinds of IR color (white hot, black hot, red hot, iron red, green hot, etc) for different surroundings; 

3. Warning of the preset temperature ( max, min, interval); 

4. Touch screen; 

5. Automatic or manual adjustment of contrast; 

6. laser pointer to indicate the location of the human behind the fire; 

7. Temperature measured range is -20℃--+550℃

8. Two options for temperature: -20℃--+150℃ and +100℃-+550℃; 

9. Emissivity: 0.01-1.00; quick selection for human skin, cable,cement or concrete, pottery, painting,rubber, woods, soil, sand, bricks, papers, etc; 

10. Measure the temperature distance: 0-999 meters; 

11. Measure the temperature of the target in FRAME which can be set by touching the screen; there can be max, min and average temperature in the frame; 

12. Measure the temperature of the target by LINE which can be set by the touching screen, there can be max, min and average temperature in the line; 

13. Auto tracking the max and min temperature and show them on the left; 

14. Set the point for measuring the temperature and 10 points can be set at the same time; 

15. All these temperature can be deleted quickly by touch; 

16. The picture can be edited, texted manually in the device; 

17. Distance of fusion can be preset: 1m, 2m, 4m, >5m; 

18. The ratio of the picture in picture can be % 35-70%; 

19. The sound warning can be switched on or off; 

20. CVBS out put; 

21. The trigger behind can work as the button for taking picture or recording the video; 

22. The flashlight can be switched on when taking the picture; 

23. High, medium, low brightness adjustment; 

24. Degree centigrade, Fahrenheit degree, Kelvin; 

25. Inch and meters can be selected; 

26. Time and date can be set; 

27. Built-in illuminator in visible light; 

28. Automatic switching off in preset time: 10/20/30/40/50/60 minutes; 

29. WIFI for connecting the other smart devices (APP) and it can work as the 4G tansmiter to connect with other computer (phone) for real time transmission;

31. Bluetooth for transferring the sound document to other device;



Picture of rechargeable Battery:


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