Thermographic imager

DLF800IR Thermalgraphic IR Camera

It is built with 384X288 resolution IR sensor, which can display HD thermal images of the target. It can measure the temperture of the people, cable and other hot targets, thus it can be applied in fire fighting, human temperature measuring, industry. The max , mini and the center temperature can be measured. Its measure range is designed to be -20℃-1000℃. It is water proof and dust proof.


1. Five thermal colors; 

2. Display brightness can be set; 

3. Auto switch off in the reset time; 

4. Emissivity can be configured to be 0.01-1.00 for different objects: objects with 

5. uneven surface; (e=95), Semi-matte objects(e=0.85),semi-gloss objects( e=0.60), gloss objects( e=0.3), etc;

6. Real time temperature output; 

7. Highest temperature and lowest temperature can be displayed; 

8. Measured temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ 550 ℃;




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