Sniper Detector

V366L Sniper Detector Positioning System

COBTEC V366L Laser Ranging Sniper Detection and Positioning System is a portable system that integrates digital technology, infrared laser lighting technology, detection sniper technology, wireless transmission, GPS, etc., which integrates intelligent day and night monitoring, detection and positioning of snipers.The device is small and light, easy to carry, and the binocular design is more concealed than ordinary laser night vision devices, and it is not easy to be exposed. The laser light source has no infrared exposure, which is invisible to the human eye. It has the advantages of long exposure distance, clear imaging, see through the solar film of car windows, and long service life. The laser is automatically synchronized with the camera's zoom, and respond quickly, and it can continuously track the target at night. Real-time video output, support for remote image transmission, equipment positioning, and facilitate the realization of networked operations. The function keys are intu

Features :


1. Concealment: With binocular design, it is more concealed than ordinary laser night vision devices and not easy to be exposed. 

2. Long-distance zooming in day and night monitoring: The camera's optical magnification can reach 32 times, and the automatic auxiliary field of view is illuminated by the invisible laser to realize day and night long-distance monitoring.

3. See-through the car window (100-150 meters) observation: the laser spot size is adjustable. It can see through the solar film of the care window to find the suspects in the car or take the evidence of the suspects

4. Sniper detection : Use the principle that the laser will be reflected back by the lens of the riflescope, the sniper can be detected and alarmed. The white spot in the window is the detected riflescope. 

5. Positioning function: With built-in electronic compass and GPS, it can display the coordinates of the user and targets by GPS and laser rangefinder.

6. Evidence and transmission functions: Both photos and videos, can be transferred in real time by WIFI.Both photos and videos can be recorded to work as evidence. 

7. Synchronization function: the laser and the camera are automatically synchronized, to focus and capture moving targets. 

8. Built-in laser rangefinder, different laser range moduel can be built in for different distance purpose. The white spot is detected rifle scope hidden in the woods ( 912 m).

9. Optional Built-in green laser pointer for Jamming and Blinding the sniper

Specifications :


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