Drones Detection and Defender

Suicide drone and defender

Rainbow D515 Soldier Wearable Drones Detection and Alarm

D5 1 5 is suitable for special combat units such as peacekeepers, overseas security, SWAT, special operations and security bureaus. It has portable, small and powerful features. It has solved the problems that large radio detection equipment is not easy to maneuver, slow to launch, unable to follow up with the army and the team. It can be used as a stand- alone machine or paired with other drone countermeasures. The D515 can continuously scan and search for drone control and video signals, giving early warning of invasive drones nearby as soon as possible. It can be detected and alert before the drone takes off. Small, lightweight and powerful, making it the most advanced solo anti- drone device in the world. And has been adopted by foreign combat forces.

The equipment is waterproof and it can remind the user that there are drones nearby by the sound, vibration,     light,  and alarm. The database will constantly update the drone wireless signal data to provide users with the     most up- to- date and most effective drone detection capabilities. It Special antenna to meet the needs of difficult tasks



1. Passive detection,  do not actively transmit electromagnetic signals,  environment- friendly, high concealment;

2. Small and portable with various functions; operate alone or cooperate with jamming guns; 

3 . Antenna   of different   frequency bands   can be   configured   as required,   and the   antenna interface adopts the general standard,  to facilitate disassembly and replacement;

4 . Charging adopts the form of T ype- C interface,  compatible with the charging interface of mainstream mobile phones in the market, used with charge;

5 . Support for detection and identification in severe weather conditions;

6 . It can display the sorties,  model,  brand and working frequency of drones detected in real time;

7 . Support light, sound, vibration and other forms of alarm;

8 . Support real-time display of power, with low power alarm warning function. 

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