Thermal Scope

M400 Thermal RifleScope Monocular Clip on

M400 thermal riflescope is designed for battlefield and it canbe used as monocular after its LRF and rail is removed. After its lens is changed, it can be used as clip on thermal imager. It can hot tracking the targets like drones and human being, etc. Its optional resolution: 384X288; 640X480; Optional lens: 35mm, 42mm, 60mm, 75mm:


1. Detecting and hot tracking the drones

2. Can be used as riflescope or handheld thermal Monocular (after the rail and LRF is removed) 

3. Uncooled infrared detector, High-resolution OLED color display (1024 * 768) 

4. Low power consumption design, over 8 hours of continues operation

5. Simple and fast operation, easily interface and ergonomic design                                                                             

6. Video out and hot tracking 

7. Anti-leakage objective, easy to be concealed 

8. 5 patterns of reticles & 4 colors of reticles 

9. Protection level: IP67, water resistent, high reliability, rugged and durable 

10. Optional Attached Laser range finder and range can be displayed on the screen of the scope

11. Can be used on AK47, M16, HK416,PKM rifles







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