Thermal Monocular

Thermal monocular is designed to give outdoor enthusiasts a portable way to see more in nature.

E8S HD Thermal Monocular

Light weight, compact in pocket size, it can be carried easily. With hot tracking, these animals can be tracked during hunting. With WIFI, its view can be displayed on the smart phone for remote control. With low power red laser pointer, the target can be pointed. 128GB storage is big enough for images and videos.


 Light weight, compact;                                           WIFI connection for remote view;  

 Pocket size for easy carry;                                      25mm, 35mm lens;

 HD image quality; video out;                                     128 GB storage for Picure and video;

 Hot Target Tracking;                                                          LED light;  Low power red-dot pointer:                  



1.  Detector type: uncooled

2.  Resolution: 384x288

3.  Pitch: 17um

4.  Frequency: 50Hz

5.  Spectrum: 8um-14um

6.  Thermal sensitivity: <40mk

7.  Infrared lens focus length: 25mm, 35mm,

8.  Lens adjustment: Manual focus and clarity adjustment

9.  IR lens field:  14.9°x11.2°;  10.7°x8.0°

10. Display: LCOS / 1280x960, 10.16mm (0.40 ")

11.  Image processing: heterogeneous correction, image smoothing function, image detail enhancement, Digital filter noise reduction

12.  Image detail mode: 5 image edge adjustment (0-4), or 5 image,Detail adjustment (0-4)

13.  Zoom: 2x, 4x

14.  Brightness adjustment: 10-setting brightness adjustment (0-9)

15.  Contrast adjustment: 10-setting contrast adjustment (0-9)

16.  Palette: 6 types of color palette, rainbow, hot metal, white hot, black hot, yellow saturated, bird-watching mode

17.  Hot tracking:  Select to turn the hotspot tracking feature on or off.

18.  Picture in picture: yes

19.  WIFI: yes

20.  Laser function: on, off

21.  LED lamp function: on, off

22.  Standby function

23.  Video output: on, off

24.  Distance (25mm lens)




Wild boar


Detection distance

1667 meters

1471 m

2501 m

Identification distance

471 meters

367 m

626 m

25. Distance (35mm lens)




Wild boar


Detection distance

2334 meters

2059 m

3501 m

Identification distance

584  meters

514 m

876 m

26. Storage capacity: 128G

27. Image type: JPG

28. USBType-C

29. Battery model: 18650 Panasonic lithium battery 3200mAH

30. Working hours: 5 hours

31. Automatic shutdown time: 40 minutes

32. Protection level: IP65

33. Weight: 503 g

34. Product size: 189x67x67 mm (25mm focal length)

35. Operating temperature: 0℃ to 45℃

36. Storage temperature:, -20℃ to 60℃

37. Power consumption: 2.0W




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