Laser Rangefinder

2KV C hand held laser range finder

The range can be up to 10KM. Distance, angle and height can be measured.


Nd:YAG laser,wave length 1.064 micron; Valid ranging can be up to 10000 

meters; Measure accuracy: 1 meter; 

One laser can measure two targets; 

Passing light with different wave can be selected; 

Illuminated reticles at night; 

The data of 10 targets can be stored for checking; 

Record of the laser working times; 

RS232 interface; 

Water proof, shock proof; 

Working temperature: -40℃~+50℃


Finding Range : 80 meter- 10000 meter 

Distance accuracy: ±1m 

Distance resolution: smaller than 30 meters 

Repeated frequency: 6 times / minutes; Emergency: 12 times/minute 

Measurement tolerance: <0.1% 

Magnification :7X 

Angle of view:7degree(Horizontal) 

Exit Pupil:6mm

Eye relief:20mm 

Resolution:8 seconds 

Battery type: 2 units of chargeable 16340 (700 mAh); can find the range 800 times with full battery capacity. It can find the range 20 times in low battery. 

RS232 or RS422 interface 

Working temperature: -40~+50℃ 

Humidity: 95~98% 

Waterproof and shock proof 

Dimension: 202×149×88 mm 

Weight: 1.4 kg

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