Bullet proof Vest

R5 Bullet Proof Vest

The Vest delivers superior high-level threat protection for vital organs on the front, back and side to side. The Vest also has the capability to house additional hard armor plates on the front, back and sides. Integrated MOLLE on the front and back provides custom configuration and quick access for tactical gear.

The material of the vest is 600D/PU coating nylon,and it can be single camouflage or nylon color itself.

Bulletproof plate can be insert into its front and back. Bullet proof levelNIJ IV   

Bulletproof plate

MaterialSilicon carbide ceramics+PE

Dimension: 250mm×300mm  

Shape Curved surface                                    

CoatingCoating oxford cloth  

Bullets that can be proofed by plate:                          

7.62×39mm AK47;                 

7.62×54mm Ordinary steel core bullet;                          

7.62×54R API, 53 Armor-piercing incendiary bombs

Weight: 2.4kgs

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