Drones Detection and Defender

Suicide drone and defender

Predator C3 Portable Drone Detector

Predator C3 portable drone detector is a briefcase style drone detection device for drone monitoringIt is used for monitoring drone information such as SN code. model. location (longitude/latitude, azimuth, distance). speed. height. altitude. homespot. controler location oneitude/latitude. azimuth. distance) etc;Predator C3 works off line or onine (optional). It is easy to carry, deploy, and use via touch screen.



1.  Detect various drones location jlong,/ist),  including DJI, WIFI, FPV models;   2. Locate the (long./ lat.) of the cotroller ;

3. Locate drones (long/at/height);                                                                           4.  Unique drone SN code; 

5. Real time display of traching Trajectory drone trajectones ;      6. Able to identily and  tag "friend" and "foe"; 

7. Multiple devices networked to cover large area;                       8. Touch screen for easy operation; 

9. Ready to use in seconds;                                                            10. Briefcase style, easy to carry;



  Work mode: RF sensing 

  Frequency:  5.2GHz, 5.8GHz, 900MHz,1.2GHz, 2.4GHz 

  Swarm detection:  >10 concurrent drones 

  Range :  1-10km (varies due to environment  and drone model) 

  Dimension:  L*W"H:520mm*415mm"224mm 

  Batterytime: -4 hours (running at 20℃) 

  Work temperature range:  -20℃--65℃ 

  Waterproof : IP66 (Case closed)

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